Company History

Brogroup History

The Bro Group has deep roots spanning over 23 years in Logistics with an eye on high international quality standards. Our stand on this is unchangeable and a critical part of our DNA. We have grown from strength to strength over the years become one of the strongest Logistics Companies in the region. We aim at creating one of Africa’s best investment companies and committed to finding innovative solutions to each customer’s need.

Ultimately, wherever there is a customer in our line of interest, there is an opportunity and we shall be there.

Our statistics and facts

  • The BRO Group’s logistics services are recognized and respected
  • Known for efficiency, un-compromised quality and value for money creation
  • Known for pro-active investment to meet our clients’ needs
  • Have and own fleet of over 300 vehicles and equipment
  • Deliver in excess of 600,000 freight tone per year
  • Move over $200 billion worth of products per year
  • Manage over 6,000 orders per year
  • Employ over 700 permanent staff
  • Have flexible working hours (20 hours / 7 days per week)